Don’t miss these opportunities from ITI and our sponsors to learn more about international trade in Iowa and network with fellow ITI members.

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Webinar: Asia Market Update

With 60% of the world's population and with three of the five top economies, Asia is a prime target for Iowa exporters. The region's sustained economic growth and huge middle class portray an unprecedented opportunity for globally-minded companies. But export success in Asia is not assured, and Iowa companies need […]

Webinar: Mid-American Trade Summit

The summit is hosted by the MU International Trade Center in collaboration with regional trade assistance partners. With a focus on advancing trade and driving business growth, exporters, providers, and educators will have access to networking and learning opportunities. More information is available here. IEDA's International Trade Office is a […]

Webinar: Agricultural Trade Update

IEDA's International Trade Office will host an update with state and global industry leaders to share current affairs within ag trade and examine new insights and opportunities. The webinar is free, but registration is required. Contact Information Email